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Publication Year Title Journal BPI Author(s) All Authors
2020 Indium-Catalyzed Block Copolymerization of Lactide and Methyl Methacrylate by Sequential Addition ACS Catalysis Parisa Mehrkhodavandi

Jung, H.-J.| Yu, I.| Nyamayaro, K.| Mehrkhodavandi, P.

2020 Inertial settling of flexible fiber suspensions Physical Review Fluids Mark Martinez

Banaei, A.A.| Rahmani, M.| Martinez, D.M.| Brandt, L.

2020 Influence of cell wall structure on the fracture behavior of bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) fibers Industrial Crops and Products Chunping Dai

Chen, M.| Dai, C.| Liu, R.| Lian, C.| Yuan, J.| Fang, C.| Fei, B.

2020 Interactions between type A carbohydrate binding modules and cellulose studied with a quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring Cellulose Orlando Rojas

Zhang, Y.| Wang, X.| Wang, P.| Song, J.| Jin, Y.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Investigation of wood pellets self-heating kinetics and thermal runaway phenomena using lab scale experiments Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering Xiaotao Bi, Shahab Sokhansanj

Guo, W.| Bi, X.| Lim, C.J.| Sokhansanj, S.

2020 Iridescent cellulose nanocrystal films modified with hydroxypropyl cellulose Biomacromolecules Mark MacLachlan

Walters, C.M.| Boott, C.E.| Nguyen, T.-D.| Hamad, W.Y.| Maclachlan, M.J.

2020 Kinetics and equilibrium adsorption of methylene blue onto cotton gin trash bioadsorbents Cellulose Orlando Rojas

Haque, A.N.M.A.| Remadevi, R.| Rojas, O.J.| Wang, X.| Naebe, M.

2020 Laccase-Catalyzed Oxidation of Lignin Induces Production of H2O2 ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Lindsay Eltis

Perna, V.| Meyer, A.S.| Holck, J.| Eltis, L.D.| Eijsink, V.G.H.| Wittrup Agger, J.

2020 Lignin-First Integrated Hydrothermal Treatment (HTT) and Synthesis of Low-Cost Biorefinery Particles ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Orlando Rojas

Lourencon, T.V.| Greca, L.G.| Tarasov, D.| Borrega, M.| Tamminen, T.| Rojas, O.J.| Balakshin, M.Y.

2020 Linking service provision to material cycles: A new framework for studying the resource efficiency–climate change (RECC) nexus Journal of Industrial Ecology Qingshi Tu

Pauliuk, S.| Fishman, T.| Heeren, N.| Berrill, P.| Tu, Q.| Wolfram, P.| Hertwich, E.G.

2020 Low consistency refined ligno-cellulose microfibre: an MFC alternative for high bulk, tear and tensile mechanical pulp papers Cellulose James Olson

Jahangir, E.S.| Olson, J.A.

2020 Mesoporous Carbon Microfibers for Electroactive Materials Derived from Lignocellulose Nanofibrils ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Orlando Rojas

Wang, L.| Borghei, M.| Ishfaq, A.| Lahtinen, P.| Ago, M.| Papageorgiou, A.C.| Lundahl, M.J.| Johansson, L.-S.| Kallio, T.| Rojas, O.J.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Meta-modelling to quantify yields of white spruce and hybrid spruce provenances in the Canadian boreal forest Forests Gary Q. Bull

Ahmed, S.| LeMay, V.| Yanchuk, A.| Robinson, A.| Marshall, P.| Bull, G.

2020 Metal carbides, phosphides, and nitrides for biomass conversion Current Opinion in Green and Sustainable Chemistry Kevin J. Smith

Smith, K.J.

2020 Microfibers synthesized by wet-spinning of chitin nanomaterials: Mechanical, structural and cell proliferation properties RSC Advances Orlando Rojas

Wang, L.| Ezazi, N.Z.| Liu, L.| Ajdary, R.| Xiang, W.| Borghei, M.| Santos, H.A.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Migration Effects of Fluorochemical Melt Additives for Alcohol Repellency in Polypropylene Nonwoven Materials ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Orlando Rojas

Lavoie, J.H.| Rojas, O.J.| Khan, S.A.| Shim, E.

2020 Modulation of Physicochemical Characteristics of Pickering Emulsions: Utilization of Nanocellulose- A nd Nanochitin-Coated Lipid Droplet Blends Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Orlando Rojas

Zhou, H.| Lv, S.| Liu, J.| Tan, Y.| Muriel Mundo, J.L.| Bai, L.| Rojas, O.J.| McClements, D.J.

2020 Morphological and wettability properties of thin coating films produced from technical lignins Langmuir Orlando Rojas

Borrega, M.| Päärnilä, S.| Greca, L.G.| Jääskeläinen, A.-S.| Ohra-Aho, T.| Rojas, O.J.| Tamminen, T.

2020 Multifunctional 3D-Printed Patches for Long-Term Drug Release Therapies after Myocardial Infarction Advanced Functional Materials Orlando Rojas

Ajdary, R.| Ezazi, N.Z.| Correia, A.| Kemell, M.| Huan, S.| Ruskoaho, H.J.| Hirvonen, J.| Santos, H.A.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Nanocellulose in Emulsions and Heterogeneous Water-Based Polymer Systems: A Review Advanced Materials Emily Cranston

Kedzior, S.A.| Gabriel, V.A.| Dubé, M.A.| Cranston, E.D.

2020 Nanochitin-stabilized pickering emulsions: Influence of nanochitin on lipid digestibility and vitamin bioaccessibility Food Hydrocolloids Orlando Rojas

Zhou, H.| Tan, Y.| Lv, S.| Liu, J.| Muriel Mundo, J.L.| Bai, L.| Rojas, O.J.| McClements, D.J.

2020 Nanochitins of Varying Aspect Ratio and Properties of Microfibers Produced by Interfacial Complexation with Seaweed Alginate ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Orlando Rojas

Grande, R.| Bai, L.| Wang, L.| Xiang, W.| Ikkala, O.| Carvalho, A.J.F.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Nanofibrillar networks enable universal assembly of superstructured particle constructs Science Advances Orlando Rojas

Mattos, B.D.| Tardy, B.L.| Greca, L.G.| Kämäräinen, T.| Xiang, W.| Cusola, O.| Magalhães, W.L.E.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Naturally Hydrophobic Foams from Lignocellulosic Fibers Prepared by Oven-Drying ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Emily Cranston

Ferreira, E.S.| Cranston, E.D.| Rezende, C.A.

2020 New insights from the biogas microbiome by comprehensive genome-resolved metagenomics of nearly 1600 species originating from multiple anaerobic digesters Biotechnology for Biofuels Ryan Ziels

Campanaro, S.| Treu, L.| Rodriguez-R, L.M.| Kovalovszki, A.| Ziels, R.M.| Maus, I.| Zhu, X.| Kougias, P.G.| Basile, A.| Luo, G.| Schlüter, A.| Konstantinidis, K.T.| Angelidaki, I.

2020 New Opportunities in the Valorization of Technical Lignins ChemSusChem Orlando Rojas

Balakshin, M.Y.| Capanema, E.A.| Sulaeva, I.| Schlee, P.| Huang, Z.| Feng, M.| Borghei, M.| Rojas, O.J.| Potthast, A.| Rosenau, T.

2020 Non-Fluorinated Omniphobic Paper with Ultralow Contact Angle Hysteresis ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Kevin Golovin

Zhao, X.| Khandoker, M.A.R.| Golovin, K.

2020 Non-productive celluase binding onto deep eutectic solvent (DES) extracted lignin from willow and corn stover with inhibitory effects on enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose Carbohydrate Polymers Jack Saddler

Song, Y.| Chandra, R.P.| Zhang, X.| Saddler, J.N.

2020 Novel drying methods for sustainable upcycling of brewers' spent grains as a plant protein source Sustainability (Switzerland) Anubhav Pratap Singh

Singh, A.P.| Mandal, R.| Shojaei, M.| Singh, A.| Kowalczewski, P.L.| Ligaj, M.| Pawlicz, J.| Jarzebski, M.

2020 On the development of a continuous methodology to fractionate microfibriallated cellulose Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal Mark Martinez, James Olson

Shanb Ghazani, M.| Martinez, D.M.| Al-Shibl, M.| Madani, A.| Olson, J.| Demuner, B.| Kadla, J.

2020 Optimum veneer peeling temperatures for selected softwood species using big roller bars European Journal of Wood and Wood Products Chunping Dai

Chen, M.| Troughton, G.| Dai, C.

2020 Partially acetylated cellulose nanofibrils from Agave tequilana bagasse and Pickering stabilization Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology Orlando Rojas

Sulbarán-Rangel, B.| Hernández Díaz, J.A.| Guzmán González, C.A.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Particle Size Distributions for Cellulose Nanocrystals Measured by Transmission Electron Microscopy: An Interlaboratory Comparison Analytical Chemistry Johan Foster

Meija, J.| Bushell, M.| Couillard, M.| Beck, S.| Bonevich, J.| Cui, K.| Foster, J.| Will, J.| Fox, D.| Cho, W.| Heidelmann, M.| Park, B.C.| Park, Y.C.| Ren, L.| Xu, L.| Stefaniak, A.B.| Knepp, A.K.| Theissmann, R.| Purwin, H.| Wang, Z.| De Val, N.| Johnston, L.J.

2020 Patience is a virtue: Self-assembly and physico-chemical properties of cellulose nanocrystal allomorphs Nanoscale Emily Cranston

Delepierre, G.| Eyley, S.| Thielemans, W.| Weder, C.| Cranston, E.D.| Zoppe, J.O.

2020 Pelletization of refuse-derived fuel with varying compositions of plastic, paper, organic and wood Sustainability (Switzerland) Shahab Sokhansanj

Rezaei, H.| Panah, F.Y.| Lim, C.J.| Sokhansanj, S.

2020 Pelletization properties of refuse-derived fuel - Effects of particle size and moisture content Fuel Processing Technology Shahab Sokhansanj

Rezaei, H.| Yazdanpanah, F.| Lim, C.J.| Sokhansanj, S.

2020 Phosphorylated cellulose nanofibers exhibit exceptional capacity for uranium capture Cellulose Orlando Rojas

Lehtonen, J.| Hassinen, J.| Kumar, A.A.| Johansson, L.-S.| Mäenpää, R.| Pahimanolis, N.| Pradeep, T.| Ikkala, O.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Physiological response of populus balsamifera and salix eriocephala to salinity and hydraulic fracturing wastewater: Potential for phytoremediation applications International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Shawn Mansfield

Bilek, M.A.| Soolanayakanahally, R.Y.| Guy, R.D.| Mansfield, S.D.

2020 Plant Extracts Containing Saponins Affects the Stability and Biological Activity of Hempseed Oil Emulsion System Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) Anubhav Pratap Singh

Jarzębski, M.| Siejak, P.| Smułek, W.| Fathordoobady, F.| Guo, Y.| Pawlicz, J.| Trzeciak, T.| Kowalczewski, P.Ł.| Kitts, D.D.| Singh, A.| Pratap Singh, A.

2020 Plant Nanomaterials and Inspiration from Nature: Water Interactions and Hierarchically Structured Hydrogels Advanced Materials Orlando Rojas

Ajdary, R.| Tardy, B.L.| Mattos, B.D.| Bai, L.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Porous nanocellulose gels and foams: Breakthrough status in the development of scaffolds for tissue engineering Materials Today Emily Cranston, Orlando Rojas

Ferreira, F.V.| Otoni, C.G.| De France, K.J.| Barud, H.S.| Lona, L.M.F.| Cranston, E.D.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Potential of Xylanases to Reduce the Viscosity of Micro/Nanofibrillated Bleached Kraft Pulp ACS Applied Bio Materials Jack Saddler

Tian, D.| Zhong, N.| Leung, J.| Shen, F.| Hu, J.| Saddler, J.N.

2020 Potential to Produce Sugars and Lignin-Containing Cellulose Nanofibrils from Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Chemi-Thermomechanical Pulps ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Feng Jiang, Jack Saddler

Han, X.| Bi, R.| Oguzlu, H.| Takada, M.| Jiang, J.| Jiang, F.| Bao, J.| Saddler, J.N.

2020 Process simulation, techno-economic evaluation and market analysis of supply chains for torrefied wood pellets from British Columbia: Impacts of plant configuration and distance to market Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Xiaotao Bi

Yun, H.| Clift, R.| Bi, X.

2020 Production of cellulose nanostructures from chilean bamboo, chusquea quila Agronomy Research Orlando Rojas

Oliveira, P.E.| Petit-Breuilh, X.| Rojas, O.J.| Gacitua, W.

2020 Production routes to tailor the performance of cellulose nanocrystals Nature Reviews Materials Emily Cranston

Vanderfleet, O.M.| Cranston, E.D.