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About Us

Unlocking Nature for Sustainable Solutions

The BioProducts Institute (BPI) is an innovative ecosystem of high-impact fundamental and applied researchers working on solutions to today’s climate and environmental challenges. The Institute brings together inter- and multi-disciplinary researchers comprised of scientists, engineers, and market and policy experts to unlock the full potential of materials, chemicals and fuels produced in nature. Based on the guiding principles of circularity, sustainability and renewability, BPI seeks to reduce society’s footprint and tackle rampant environmental challenges such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and plastic waste.

Our research themes center around biocatalytic transformation and engineering of biomass, bio-nanoparticle enabled materials, bio-based polymers and carbon materials, and biorefinery and biofuels systems. By conducting research, we are able to transform our findings into bioproducts that will serve as catalysts to launch Canada's bioeconomy. With increasing demands for low carbon fuel, plastic alternatives and degradable materials, the BioProducts Institute looks forward to being a world leader in the green economy sector. 

BPI Introductory Video