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Publication Year Title Journal BPI Author(s) All Authors
2021 3D printing of lightweight, super-strong yet flexible all-cellulose structure Chemical Engineering Journal Feng Jiang

Jiang, J.| Oguzlu, H.| Jiang, F.

2021 Application of Fe-biochar composites for selenium (Se+6) removal from aqueous solution and effect of the presence of competing anions under environmentally relevant conditions Journal of Environmental Management Susan A. Baldwin, Naoko Ellis

Satyro, S.| Li, H.| Dehkhoda, A.M.| McMillan, R.| Ellis, N.| Baldwin, S.A.

2021 Associative structures formed from cellulose nanofibrils and nanochitins are pH-responsive and exhibit tunable rheology Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Orlando Rojas

Facchine, E.G.| Bai, L.| Rojas, O.J.| Khan, S.A.

2021 Bioinspired Thermoresponsive Xyloglucan-Cellulose Nanocrystal Hydrogels Biomacromolecules Emily Cranston

Talantikite, M.| Stimpson, T.C.| Gourlay, A.| Le-Gall, S.| Moreau, C.| Cranston, E.D.| Moran-Mirabal, J.M.| Cathala, B.

2021 Cellulose dissolution in aqueous NaOH–ZnO: cellulose reactivity and the role of ZnO Cellulose Orlando Rojas

Väisänen, S.| Ajdary, R.| Altgen, M.| Nieminen, K.| Kesari, K.K.| Ruokolainen, J.| Rojas, O.J.| Vuorinen, T.

2021 Chitin nanocrystals reduce lipid digestion and β-carotene bioaccessibility: An in-vitro INFOGEST gastrointestinal study Food Hydrocolloids Orlando Rojas

Zhou, H.| Dai, T.| Liu, J.| Tan, Y.| Bai, L.| Rojas, O.J.| McClements, D.J.

2021 Comparing microfluidics and ultrasonication as formulation methods for developing hempseed oil nanoemulsions for oral delivery applications Scientific Reports Anubhav Pratap Singh

Fathordoobady, F.| Sannikova, N.| Guo, Y.| Singh, A.| Kitts, D.D.| Pratap-Singh, A.

2021 Cross-jurisdictional insights from forest practitioners on novel climate-adaptive options for Canada’s forests Regional Environmental Change Rob Kozak

Peterson St-Laurent, G.| Kozak, R.| Hagerman, S.

2021 Development of food-grade Pickering emulsions stabilized by a mixture of cellulose nanofibrils and nanochitin Food Hydrocolloids Orlando Rojas

Lv, S.| Zhou, H.| Bai, L.| Rojas, O.J.| McClements, D.J.

2021 Electrostatic self-assembly enabled flexible paper-based humidity sensor with high sensitivity and superior durability Chemical Engineering Journal Feng Jiang

Zhu, P.| Kuang, Y.| Wei, Y.| Li, F.| Ou, H.| Jiang, F.| Chen, G.

2021 Enhancement of charge transport in interconnected lignin-derived carbon fibrous network for flexible battery-supercapacitor hybrid device Chemical Engineering Journal Frank Ko

Zhou, M.| Bahi, A.| Zhao, Y.| Lin, L.| Ko, F.| Servati, P.| Soltanian, S.| Wang, P.| Yu, Y.| Wang, Q.| Cai, Z.

2021 Film thickness limits of a buckling-based method to determine mechanical properties of polymer coatings Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Emily Cranston

Niinivaara, E.| Desmaisons, J.| Dufresne, A.| Bras, J.| Cranston, E.D.

2021 Flammability analysis of gaseous emissions from western red cedar and SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir) sawdust Biomass and Bioenergy Shahab Sokhansanj

Rezaei, H.| Yazdanpanah, F.| Kenny, J.| Lim, C.J.| Sokhansanj, S.

2021 Foliage adhesion and interactions with particulate delivery systems for plant nanobionics and intelligent agriculture Nano Today Orlando Rojas

Grillo, R.| Mattos, B.D.| Antunes, D.R.| Forini, M.M.L.| Monikh, F.A.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 Impact of incubation conditions and post-treatment on the properties of bacterial cellulose membranes for pressure-driven filtration Carbohydrate Polymers Orlando Rojas

Lehtonen, J.| Chen, X.| Beaumont, M.| Hassinen, J.| Orelma, H.| Dumée, L.F.| Tardy, B.L.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 In-situ real-time monitoring of hydroxyethyl modification in obtaining uniform lignin derivatives European Polymer Journal Scott Renneckar

Liu, L.-Y.| Bessler, K.| Chen, S.| Cho, M.| Hua, Q.| Renneckar, S.

2021 In-use emissions from biomass and LPG stoves measured during a large, multi-year cookstove intervention study in rural India Science of the Total Environment Hisham Zerriffi

Islam, M.M.| Wathore, R.| Zerriffi, H.| Marshall, J.D.| Bailis, R.| Grieshop, A.P.

2021 Leakage-proof microencapsulation of phase change materials by emulsification with acetylated cellulose nanofibrils Carbohydrate Polymers Orlando Rojas

Shi, X.| Yazdani, M.R.| Ajdary, R.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 Lignin effect in castor oil-based elastomers: Reaching new limits in rheological and cushioning behaviors Composites Science and Technology Orlando Rojas

Borrero-López, A.M.| Wang, L.| Valencia, C.| Franco, J.M.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 Micro- and nanofibrillated cellulose from virgin and recycled fibers: A comparative study of its effects on the properties of hygiene tissue paper Carbohydrate Polymers Orlando Rojas

Zambrano, F.| Wang, Y.| Zwilling, J.D.| Venditti, R.| Jameel, H.| Rojas, O.| Gonzalez, R.

2021 Moisture adsorption rate and durability of commercial softwood pellets in a humid environment Biosystems Engineering Xiaotao Bi, Shahab Sokhansanj, Jim Lim

Lee, J.S.| Sokhansanj, S.| Lau, A.K.| Lim, J.| Bi, X.T.

2021 Multicomponent column optimization of ternary adsorption based removal of phenolic compounds using modified activated carbon Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering Anubhav Pratap Singh

Suresh, S.| Srivastava, V.C.| Mishra, I.M.| Pratap-Singh, A.

2021 n-p Heterojunction of TiO2-NiO core-shell structure for efficient hydrogen generation and lignin photoreforming Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Scott Renneckar

Zhao, H.| Li, C.-F.| Liu, L.-Y.| Palma, B.| Hu, Z.-Y.| Renneckar, S.| Larter, S.| Li, Y.| Kibria, M.G.| Hu, J.| Su, B.-L.

2021 Nanocellulose/LiCl systems enable conductive and stretchable electrolyte hydrogels with tolerance to dehydration and extreme cold conditions Chemical Engineering Journal Orlando Rojas

Ge, W.| Cao, S.| Yang, Y.| Rojas, O.J.| Wang, X.

2021 Particle size distributions for cellulose nanocrystals measured by atomic force microscopy: an interlaboratory comparison Cellulose Emily Cranston

Bushell, M.| Meija, J.| Chen, M.| Batchelor, W.| Browne, C.| Cho, J.-Y.| Clifford, C.A.| Al-Rekabi, Z.| Vanderfleet, O.M.| Cranston, E.D.| Lawn, M.| Coleman, V.A.| Nyström, G.| Arcari, M.| Mezzenga, R.| Park, B.C.| Shin, C.H.| Ren, L.| Bu, T.| Saito, T.| Kaku, Y.| Wagner, R.| Johnston, L.J.

2021 Refining the Properties of Softwood Kraft Lignin with Acetone: Effect of Solvent Fractionation on the Thermomechanical Behavior of Electrospun Fibers ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Scott Renneckar

Karaaslan, M.A.| Cho, M.| Liu, L.-Y.| Wang, H.| Renneckar, S.

2021 Residual lignin in cellulose nanofibrils enhances the interfacial stabilization of Pickering emulsions Carbohydrate Polymers Orlando Rojas

Guo, S.| Li, X.| Kuang, Y.| Liao, J.| Liu, K.| Li, J.| Mo, L.| He, S.| Zhu, W.| Song, J.| Song, T.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 Thermodynamics and kinetics of CO2 hydrate formation in the presence of cellulose nanocrystals with statistical treatment of data Fluid Phase Equilibria Peter Englezos

Cendales, J.E.| Yin, M.| Englezos, P.

2021 Transparent films by ionic liquid welding of cellulose nanofibers and polylactide: Enhanced biodegradability in marine environments Journal of Hazardous Materials Hongbin Li, Orlando Rojas

Niu, X.| Huan, S.| Li, H.| Pan, H.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 A genomic catalog of Earth’s microbiomes Nature Biotechnology Steven Hallam, Ryan Ziels

Nayfach, S.| Roux, S.| Seshadri, R.| Udwary, D.| Varghese, N.| Schulz, F.| Wu, D.| Paez-Espino, D.| Chen, I.-M.| Huntemann, M.| Palaniappan, K.| Ladau, J.| Mukherjee, S.| Reddy, T.B.K.| Nielsen, T.| Kirton, E.| Faria, J.P.| Edirisinghe, J.N.| Henry, C.S.| Jungbluth, S.P.| Chivian, D.| Dehal, P.| Wood-Charlson, E.M.| Arkin, A.P.| Tringe, S.G.| Visel, A.| Abreu, H.| Acinas, S.G.| Allen, E.| Allen, M.A.| Andersen, G.| Anesio, A.M.| Attwood, G.| Avila-Magaña, V.| Badis, Y.| Bailey, J.| Baker, B.| Baldrian, P.| Barton, H.A.| Beck, D.A.C.| Becraft, E.D.| Beller, H.R.| Beman, J.M.| Bernier-Latmani

2020 A novel apparatus for time-lapse optical microscopy of gelatinisation and digestion of starch inside plant cells Food Hydrocolloids John Frostad

Do, D.T.| Singh, J.| Oey, I.| Singh, H.| Yada, R.Y.| Frostad, J.M.

2020 A sequential design approach for in situ incorporation of cellulose nanocrystals in emulsion-based pressure sensitive adhesives Cellulose Emily Cranston

Pakdel, A.S.| Gabriel, V.| Berry, R.M.| Fraschini, C.| Cranston, E.D.| Dubé, M.A.

2020 A tractable approximation for stochastic MPC and application to mechanical pulping processes Computers and Chemical Engineering Bhushan Gopaluni, James Olson

Tian, H.| Prakash, J.| Zavala, V.M.| Olson, J.A.| Gopaluni, R.B.

2020 Acidic deep eutectic solvent assisted isolation of lignin containing nanocellulose from thermomechanical pulp Carbohydrate Polymers Feng Jiang, Jack Saddler

Jiang, J.| Carrillo-Enríquez, N.C.| Oguzlu, H.| Han, X.| Bi, R.| Saddler, J.N.| Sun, R.-C.| Jiang, F.

2020 Adsorptive removal of Congo red by surfactant modified cellulose nanocrystals: a kinetic, equilibrium, and mechanistic investigation Cellulose Savvas Hatzikiriakos, Mark MacLachlan

Ranjbar, D.| Raeiszadeh, M.| Lewis, L.| MacLachlan, M.J.| Hatzikiriakos, S.G.

2020 Alkaline sulfonation and thermomechanical pulping pretreatment of softwood chips and pellets to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis Bioresource Technology Scott Renneckar, Jack Saddler

Wu, J.| Chandra, R.| Takada, M.| Del Rio, P.| Kim, K.H.| Kim, C.S.| Liu, L.-Y.| Renneckar, S.| Saddler, J.

2020 All-aqueous liquid crystal nanocellulose emulsions with permeable interfacial assembly ACS Nano Orlando Rojas

Chu, G.| Rojas, O.J.| Bai, L.| Huan, S.| Zhao, B.| Zhu, Y.| Esquena, J.| Chen, F.| Gao, G.| Zussman, E.

2020 An introduction to a Virtual Issue on Wood Biology New Phytologist Shawn Mansfield

Groover, A.| Mansfield, S.D.

2020 Antifouling, antibacterial and non-cytotoxic transparent cellulose membrane with grafted zwitterion and quaternary ammonium copolymers Carbohydrate Polymers Feng Jiang

Xu, C.| Jiang, J.| Oguzlu, H.| Zheng, Y.| Jiang, F.

2020 Arabidopsis sucrose synthase localization indicates a primary role in sucrose translocation in phloem Journal of Experimental Botany Shawn Mansfield

Yao, D.| Gonzales-Vigil, E.| Mansfield, S.D.

2020 Assessing the sensitivities of genomic selection for growth and wood quality traits in lodgepole pine using Bayesian models Tree Genetics and Genomes Shawn Mansfield

Ukrainetz, N.K.| Mansfield, S.D.