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2022 A computational approach to determine the residence time distribution of biomass particles in rotary drum dryers Chemical Engineering Science Shahab Sokhansanj

Rezaei, H.| Lim, C.J.| Sokhansanj, S.

2022 A contact-based technique for measurement of membrane tension Measurement Science and Technology Sheldon Green

Aminian, B.| Abadi, I.R.| Green, S.| Rogak, S.

2022 A Dual-Bed Cyclic Gas Hydrate Process (DB-CGHP) for Carbon Dioxide Capture and Other Gas Separations Energy and Fuels Peter Englezos

Sharifi, H.| Englezos, P.

2022 A goal programming model for the optimization of log logistics considering sorting decisions and social objective Canadian Journal of Forest Research Taraneh Sowlati, Dominik Roeser

Ghotb, S.| Sowlati, T.| Mortyn, J.| Roeser, D.| Griess, V.C.

2022 A hybrid method for evaluating the resilience of urban road traffic network under flood disaster: An example of Nanjing, China Environmental Science and Pollution Research Haibo Feng

Li, D.| Zhu, X.| Huang, G.| Feng, H.| Zhu, S.| Li, X.

2022 A LITTLE CHAPTER ON THE BIG PICTURE The Role of Business in Global Sustainability Transformations Rob Kozak

Kozak, R.| Toppinen, A.| D‘Amato, D.

2022 A mechanistic model to link technical specifications of vehicle end-of-life treatment with the potential of closed-loop recycling of post-consumer scrap alloys Journal of Industrial Ecology Qingshi Tu

Tu, Q.| Hertwich, E.G.

2022 A new approach to zip-lignin: 3,4-dihydroxybenzoate is compatible with lignification New Phytologist Shawn Mansfield

Unda, F.| Mottiar, Y.| Mahon, E.L.| Karlen, S.D.| Kim, K.H.| Loqué, D.| Eudes, A.| Ralph, J.| Mansfield, S.D.

2022 A new protocol for rapid assessment of bond durability of bio-based pipes: bamboo winding composite pipe as a case study European Journal of Wood and Wood Products Chunping Dai

Chen, M.| Ye, L.| Semple, K.| Ma, J.| Zhang, J.| Weng, Y.| Yan, H.| Fei, B.| Dai, C.

2022 A new strategy for efficient light management in inverted perovskite solar cell Chemical Engineering Journal Frank Ko

Yin, X.| Zhai, J.| Du, P.| Chen, W.-H.| Song, L.| Xiong, J.| Ko, F.

2022 A Novel Application of Bis (2-Hydroxyethyl) Terephthalate to Enhance Sand Bentonite Mixture for Landfills Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering Sumi Siddiqua

Chandra, A.| Siddiqua, S.

2022 A novel integrated rotary reactor for NOx reduction by CO and air preheating: NOx removal performance and mechanism AIChE Journal Xiaotao Bi

Sun, P.| Li, J.| Cheng, X.| Li, X.| Bi, X.T.| Wang, Z.

2022 A novel nitrogen- and sulfur-grafted reduced graphene oxide doped with zinc cations for corrosion mitigation of mild steel Progress in Organic Coatings Mohammad Arjmand

Nejad, S.A.T.| Alibakhshi, E.| Ramezanzadeh, B.| Haddadi, S.A.| Arjmand, M.| Mahdavian, M.

2022 A review of electrical and thermal conductivities of epoxy resin systems reinforced with carbon nanotubes and graphene-based nanoparticles Polymer Testing Mohammad Arjmand

Mousavi, S.R.| Estaji, S.| Kiaei, H.| Mansourian-Tabaei, M.| Nouranian, S.| Jafari, S.H.| Ruckdäschel, H.| Arjmand, M.| Khonakdar, H.A.

2022 A review of inventory modeling methods for missing data in life cycle assessment Journal of Industrial Ecology Qingshi Tu

Zargar, S.| Yao, Y.| Tu, Q.

2022 A review of recent progress in improving the fracture toughness of epoxy-based composites using carbonaceous nanofillers Polymer Composites Mohammad Arjmand

Mousavi, S.R.| Estaji, S.| Paydayesh, A.| Arjmand, M.| Jafari, S.H.| Nouranian, S.| Khonakdar, H.A.

2022 A review of system dynamics modeling for the sustainability assessment of biorefineries Journal of Industrial Ecology Qingshi Tu

Roy, B.B.| Tu, Q.

2022 A review on the integrated optimization techniques and machine learning approaches for modeling, prediction, and decision making on integrated energy systems Renewable Energy Bhushan Gopaluni

Alabi, T.M.| Aghimien, E.I.| Agbajor, F.D.| Yang, Z.| Lu, L.| Adeoye, A.R.| Gopaluni, B.

2022 A review: silicate ceramic-polymer composite scaffold for bone tissue engineering International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials Mohammad Arjmand

Ahmadipour, M.| Mohammadi, H.| Pang, A.L.| Arjmand, M.| Ayode Otitoju, T.| U. Okoye, P.| Rajitha, B.

2022 A robust optimization model for tactical planning of the forest-based biomass supply chain for syngas production Computers and Chemical Engineering Taraneh Sowlati

Ahmadvand, S.| Sowlati, T.

2022 A simple and direct ionic chromatography method to monitor galactose oxidase activity RSC Advances Harry Brumer

Kaddouch, E.| Cleveland, M.E.| Navarro, D.| Grisel, S.| Haon, M.| Brumer, H.| Lafond, M.| Berrin, J.-G.| Bissaro, B.

2022 A Supramolecular Strategy for the Synthesis of Cyclic Oligomers and Polymers by Ring Expansion Chemistry - A European Journal Mark MacLachlan

Duss, M.| Soto, M.A.| Patrick, B.O.| MacLachlan, M.J.

2022 A Synthetic Gene Library Yields a Previously Unknown Glycoside Phosphorylase That Degrades and Assembles Poly-β-1,3-GlcNAc, Completing the Suite of β-Linked GlcNAc Polysaccharides ACS Central Science Stephen Withers

MacDonald, S.S.| Pereira, J.H.| Liu, F.| Tegl, G.| Degiovanni, A.| Wardman, J.F.| Deutsch, S.| Yoshikuni, Y.| Adams, P.D.| Withers, S.G.

2022 A systematic literature review of non-market valuation of Indigenous peoples’ values: Current knowledge, best-practice and framing questions for future research Ecosystem Services William Nikolakis

Manero, A.| Taylor, K.| Nikolakis, W.| Adamowicz, W.| Marshall, V.| Spencer-Cotton, A.| Nguyen, M.| Grafton, R.Q.

2022 A systematic review of household energy transition in low and middle income countries Energy Research and Social Science Hisham Zerriffi

Guta, D.| Baumgartner, J.| Jack, D.| Carter, E.| Shen, G.| Orgill-Meyer, J.| Rosenthal, J.| Dickinson, K.| Bailis, R.| Masuda, Y.| Zerriffi, H.

2022 A two-stage circulated fluidized bed process to minimize tar generation of biomass gasification for fuel gas production Applied Energy Xiaotao Bi

Wang, C.| Zhu, L.| Zhang, M.| Han, Z.| Jia, X.| Bai, D.| Duo, W.| Bi, X.| Abudula, A.| Guan, G.| Xu, G.

2022 Active-Site Engineering Switches Carbohydrate Regiospecificity in a Fungal Copper Radical Oxidase ACS Catalysis Harry Brumer

Mathieu, Y.| Cleveland, M.E.| Brumer, H.

2022 Adjustable film properties of cellulose nanofiber and cellulose nanocrystal composites Carbohydrate Polymers Johan Foster

Pritchard, C.Q.| Funk, G.| Owens, J.| Stutz, S.| Gooneie, A.| Sapkota, J.| Foster, E.J.| Bortner, M.J.

2022 Air drying scalable production of hydrophobic, mechanically stable, and thermally insulating lignocellulosic foam Chemical Engineering Journal Feng Jiang

Zhu, Y.| Zhu, J.| Yu, Z.| Ye, Y.| Sun, X.| Zhang, Y.| Zhu, P.| Jiang, F.

2022 Airline Point-of-Care System on Seat Belt for Hybrid Physiological Signal Monitoring Micromachines Peyman Servati

Ji, X.| Rao, Z.| Zhang, W.| Liu, C.| Wang, Z.| Zhang, S.| Zhang, B.| Hu, M.| Servati, P.| Xiao, X.

2022 Ambient Temperature Carbene-Mediated Depolymerization: Stoichiometric and Catalytic Reactions of N-Heterocyclic- and Cyclic(Alkyl)Amino Carbenes with Poly(N-Methylaminoborane) [MeNH-BH2]n Journal of the American Chemical Society Derek P. Gates

Oldroyd, N.L.| Chitnis, S.S.| Lapierre, E.A.| Annibale, V.T.| Walsgrove, H.T.G.| Gates, D.P.| Manners, I.

2022 An Air Stable Cationic Indium Catalyst for Formation of High-Molecular-Weight Cyclic Poly(lactic acid) ACS Catalysis Parisa Mehrkhodavandi

Goonesinghe, C.| Jung, H.-J.| Roshandel, H.| Diaz, C.| Baalbaki, H.A.| Nyamayaro, K.| Ezhova, M.| Hosseini, K.| Mehrkhodavandi, P.

2022 An economic and environmental assessment of biofuel produced via microwave-assisted catalytic pyrolysis of forest residues Energy Conversion and Management Xiaotao Bi, Jack Saddler

Zhu, H.| Saddler, J.| Bi, X.

2022 An environmentally tolerant, highly stable, cellulose nanofiber-reinforced, conductive hydrogel multifunctional sensor Carbohydrate Polymers Feng Jiang

Li, M.| Chen, D.| Sun, X.| Xu, Z.| Yang, Y.| Song, Y.| Jiang, F.

2022 An imidazoacridine-based TADF material as an effective organic photosensitizer for visible-light-promoted [2 + 2] cycloaddition Chemical Science Zachary Hudson

Sauvé, E.R.| Mayder, D.M.| Kamal, S.| Oderinde, M.S.| Hudson, Z.M.

2022 An implementation framework of blockchain-based hazardous waste transfer management system Environmental Science and Pollution Research Haibo Feng

Song, G.| Lu, Y.| Feng, H.| Lin, H.| Zheng, Y.


Piazzi, M.A.| Feng, H.| Kassem, M.

2022 Antibiofilm and immunomodulatory resorbable nanofibrous filing for dental pulp regenerative procedures Bioactive Materials Frank Ko

Gonçalves da Costa Sousa, M.| Conceição de Almeida, G.| Martins Mota, D.C.| Andrade da Costa, R.| Dias, S.C.| Limberger, S.N.| Ko, F.| Lin, L.T.| Haney, E.F.| Etayash, H.| Baquir, B.| Trimble, M.J.| Shen, Y.| Su, Z.| Haapasalo, M.| Pletzer, D.| Chaves de Souza, L.| Schuindt Teixeira, G.| Silva, R.M.| Hancock, R.E.W.| Franco, O.L.| Berto Rezende, T.M.

2022 Antibody mounting capability of 1D/2D carbonaceous nanomaterials toward rapid-specific detection of SARS-CoV-2 Talanta Mohammad Arjmand

Hashemi, S.A.| Bahrani, S.| Mousavi, S.M.| Omidifar, N.| Behbahan, N.G.G.| Arjmand, M.| Ramakrishna, S.| Dimiev, A.M.| Lankarani, K.B.| Moghadami, M.| Firoozsani, M.

2022 Antimicrobial properties of spray-dried cellulose nanocrystals and metal oxide-based nanoparticles-in-microspheres Chemical Engineering Journal Advances Feng Jiang, Anubhav Pratap Singh

Baldelli, A.| Etayash, H.| Oguzlu, H.| Mandal, R.| Jiang, F.| Hancock, R.E.W.| Pratap-Singh, A.

2022 Antimicrobial, antioxidant, and angiogenic bioactive silver nanoparticles produced using Murraya paniculata (L.) jack leaves Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Anubhav Pratap Singh

Rama, P.| Baldelli, A.| Vignesh, A.| Altemimi, A.B.| Lakshmanan, G.| Selvam, R.| Arunagirinathan, N.| Murugesan, K.| Pratap-Singh, A.

2022 Apparent slip in colloidal suspensions Journal of Rheology Savvas Hatzikiriakos

Abbasi Moud, A.| Piette, J.| Danesh, M.| Georgiou, G.C.| Hatzikiriakos, S.G.

2022 Application of MXenes for air purification, gas separation and storage: A review Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Madjid Mohseni, Kevin J. Smith

Dixit, F.| Zimmermann, K.| Alamoudi, M.| Abkar, L.| Barbeau, B.| Mohseni, M.| Kandasubramanian, B.| Smith, K.

2022 Application of MXenes for water treatment and energy-efficient desalination: A review Journal of Hazardous Materials Madjid Mohseni

Dixit, F.| Zimmermann, K.| Dutta, R.| Prakash, N.J.| Barbeau, B.| Mohseni, M.| Kandasubramanian, B.

2022 Application of neural network in metal adsorption using biomaterials (BMs): a review† Environmental Science: Advances Madjid Mohseni

Nighojkar, A.| Zimmermann, K.| Ateia, M.| Barbeau, B.| Mohseni, M.| Krishnamurthy, S.| Dixit, F.| Kandasubramanian, B.

2022 Applications III. Materials Science, Nanoscience, Polymer Science and Surface Chemistry Comprehensive Organometallic Chemistry IV: Volume 1-15 Derek P. Gates

Gates, D.P.

2022 Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Building Energy Performance: A Surrogate Energy Retrofits Decision Support Framework Buildings Haibo Feng

Zhang, H.| Feng, H.| Hewage, K.| Arashpour, M.

2022 Assessing the Cumulative Social Effects of Projects: Lessons from Canadian Hydroelectric Development Environmental Management William Nikolakis

Arnold, L.M.| Hanna, K.| Noble, B.| Gergel, S.E.| Nikolakis, W.

2022 Assessing the Effects of Stove Use Patterns and Kitchen Chimneys on Indoor Air Quality during a Multiyear Cookstove Randomized Control Trial in Rural India Environmental Science and Technology Hisham Zerriffi

Islam, M.M.| Wathore, R.| Zerriffi, H.| Marshall, J.D.| Bailis, R.| Grieshop, A.P.

2022 Associations between Listeria monocytogenes genomic characteristics and adhesion to polystyrene at 8 °C Food Microbiology Siyun Wang

Mahoney, D.B.J.| Falardeau, J.| Hingston, P.| Chmielowska, C.| Carroll, L.M.| Wiedmann, M.| Jang, S.S.| Wang, S.

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