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Publication Year Title Journal BPI Author(s) All Authors
2021 Multifunctional lignin-based nanocomposites and nanohybrids Green Chemistry Orlando Rojas

Lizundia, E.| Sipponen, M.H.| Greca, L.G.| Balakshin, M.| Tardy, B.L.| Rojas, O.J.| Puglia, D.

2021 Multifunctional Superelastic Cellulose Nanofibrils Aerogel by Dual Ice-Templating Assembly Advanced Functional Materials Feng Jiang

Qin, H.| Zhang, Y.| Jiang, J.| Wang, L.| Song, M.| Bi, R.| Zhu, P.| Jiang, F.

2021 Mussel-inspired reinforcement of a biodegradable aliphatic polyester with bamboo fibers Journal of Cleaner Production Orlando Rojas

Hong, G.| Cheng, H.| Zhang, S.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 N-Glycan Degradation Pathways in Gut- And Soil-Dwelling Actinobacteria Share Common Core Genes ACS Chemical Biology Harry Brumer

Higgins, M.A.| Tegl, G.| Macdonald, S.S.| Arnal, G.| Brumer, H.| Withers, S.G.| Ryan, K.S.

2021 n-p Heterojunction of TiO2-NiO core-shell structure for efficient hydrogen generation and lignin photoreforming Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Scott Renneckar

Zhao, H.| Li, C.-F.| Liu, L.-Y.| Palma, B.| Hu, Z.-Y.| Renneckar, S.| Larter, S.| Li, Y.| Kibria, M.G.| Hu, J.| Su, B.-L.

2021 Nanocellulose/LiCl systems enable conductive and stretchable electrolyte hydrogels with tolerance to dehydration and extreme cold conditions Chemical Engineering Journal Orlando Rojas

Ge, W.| Cao, S.| Yang, Y.| Rojas, O.J.| Wang, X.

2021 Near-Infrared-Emitting Boron-Difluoride-Curcuminoid-Based Polymers Exhibiting Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence as Biological Imaging Probes Acta Biomaterialia Zachary Hudson

Paisley, N.R.| Halldorson, S.V.| Tran, M.V.| Gupta, R.| Kamal, S.| Algar, W.R.| Hudson, Z.M.

2021 New Family of Carbohydrate-Binding Modules Defined by a Galactosyl-Binding Protein Module from a Cellvibrio japonicus Endo-Xyloglucanase Applied and Environmental Microbiology Harry Brumer

Attia, M.A.| Brumer, H.

2021 New Opportunities in the Valorization of Technical Lignins ChemSusChem Orlando Rojas

Balakshin, M.Y.| Capanema, E.A.| Sulaeva, I.| Schlee, P.| Huang, Z.| Feng, M.| Borghei, M.| Rojas, O.J.| Potthast, A.| Rosenau, T.

2021 New α-galactosidase-inhibiting aminohydroxycyclopentanes RSC Advances Stephen Withers

Weber, P.| Fischer, R.| Nasseri, S.A.| Stütz, A.E.| Thonhofer, M.| Withers, S.G.| Wolfsgruber, A.| Wrodnigg, T.M.

2021 Ohmic heating in the food industry: Developments in concepts and applications during 2013Ð2020 Applied Sciences (Switzerland) Anubhav Pratap Singh

Alkanan, Z.T.| Altemimi, A.B.| Al-Hilphy, A.R.S.| Watson, D.G.| Pratap-Singh, A.

2021 Ohmic heating in the food industry: Developments in concepts and applications during 2013–2020 Applied Sciences (Switzerland) Anubhav Pratap Singh

Alkanan, Z.T.| Altemimi, A.B.| Al-Hilphy, A.R.S.| Watson, D.G.| Pratap-Singh, A.

2021 Oligocellulose from acid hydrolysis: A revisit Applied Surface Science Feng Jiang

Jiang, F.| Zhang, X.| Hwang, W.| Nishiyama, Y.| Briber, R.M.| Wang, H.

2021 On two-phase modeling of dewatering pulp suspensions AIChE Journal Mark Martinez

Paterson, D.T.| Eaves, T.S.| Hewitt, D.R.| Balmforth, N.J.| Martinez, D.M.

2021 One flow through hydrolysis and hydrogenation of semi-industrial xylan from birch (betula pendula) in a continuous reactor—Kinetics and modelling Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification Heather Trajano

Lu, X.| Junghans, P.| Weckesser, S.| Wärnå, J.| Hilpmann, G.| Lange, R.| Trajano, H.| Eränen, K.| Estel, L.| Leveneur, S.| Grénman, H.

2021 One-pot route to convert technical lignin into versatile lignin esters for tailored bioplastics and sustainable materials Green Chemistry Scott Renneckar

Liu, L.-Y.| Chen, S.| Ji, L.| Jang, S.-K.| Renneckar, S.

2021 Opaque and translucent films from aqueous microfiber suspensions by evaporative self-assembly Physics of Fluids Savvas Hatzikiriakos, Peter Englezos

Mirvakili, M.N.| Hatzikiriakos, S.G.| Englezos, P.

2021 Opportunities and barriers for biofuel and bioenergy production from poplar GCB Bioenergy Shawn Mansfield

An, Y.| Liu, Y.| Liu, Y.| Lu, M.| Kang, X.| Mansfield, S.D.| Zeng, W.| Zhang, J.

2021 Optimal ultrasonication process time remains constant for a specific nanoemulsion size reduction system Scientific Reports Anubhav Pratap Singh

Pratap-Singh, A.| Guo, Y.| Lara Ochoa, S.| Fathordoobady, F.| Singh, A.

2021 Orthogonal Active-Site Labels for Mixed-Linkage endo-?-Glucanases Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering Harry Brumer

Jain, N.| Tamura, K.| Déjean, G.| Van Petegem, F.| Brumer, H.

2021 Orthogonal Active-Site Labels for Mixed-Linkage endo-β-Glucanases ACS Chemical Biology Harry Brumer

Jain, N.| Tamura, K.| Déjean, G.| Van Petegem, F.| Brumer, H.

2021 Parameter identification of transport PDE/nonlinear ODE cascade model for polymer extrusion with varying die gap Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering Savvas Hatzikiriakos

Toukhtarian, R.| Darabi, M.| Hatzikiriakos, S.| Atsbha, H.| Boulet, B.

2021 Particle size and fat encapsulation define the colloidal dispersibility and reconstitution of growing-up milk powder Powder Technology Orlando Rojas

Nugroho R.W.N.| Outinen M.| Toikkanen O.| Rojas O.J.

2021 Particle size distributions for cellulose nanocrystals measured by atomic force microscopy: an interlaboratory comparison Cellulose Emily Cranston

Bushell, M.| Meija, J.| Chen, M.| Batchelor, W.| Browne, C.| Cho, J.-Y.| Clifford, C.A.| Al-Rekabi, Z.| Vanderfleet, O.M.| Cranston, E.D.| Lawn, M.| Coleman, V.A.| Nyström, G.| Arcari, M.| Mezzenga, R.| Park, B.C.| Shin, C.H.| Ren, L.| Bu, T.| Saito, T.| Kaku, Y.| Wagner, R.| Johnston, L.J.

2021 Partitioning of nutrient removal contribution between granules and flocs in a hybrid granular activated sludge system Water Research Ryan Ziels

Wei, S.P.| Stensel, H.D.| Ziels, R.M.| Herrera, S.| Lee, P.-H.| Winkler, M.-K.H.

2021 Partitioning of the milk fat globule membrane between buttermilk and butter serum is determined by the thermal behaviour of the fat globules International Dairy Journal Orlando Rojas

Hokkanen, S.P.| Partanen, R.| Jukkola, A.| Frey, A.D.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 Patch antenna sensor for wireless ice and frost detection Scientific Reports Robert Kozak

Khorsand, K.| Zarifi, T.| Golovin, K.| Zarifi, M.H.

2021 Phenolic composition, antioxidant capacity and antibacterial activity of white wormwood (Artemisia herba-alba) Plants Anubhav Pratap Singh

Mohammed, M.J.| Anand, U.| Altemimi, A.B.| Tripathi, V.| Guo, Y.| Pratap-Singh, A.

2021 Photocross-Linked Antimicrobial Amino-Siloxane Elastomers ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering Savvas Hatzikiriakos

Wright, T.| Karis, D.| Millik, S.C.| Tomkovic, T.| Hatzikiriakos, S.G.| Nelson, A.| Wolf, M.O.

2021 Pickering Emulsions via Interfacial Nanoparticle Complexation of Oppositely Charged Nanopolysaccharides ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Orlando Rojas

Huan, S.| Zhu, Y.| Xu, W.| McClements, D.J.| Bai, L.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 Pilot treatment of bleaching acidic filtrate in Kraft pulping with high frequency pulsed electrodialysis Journal of Environmental Management Orlando Rojas

Gonzalez-Vogel A.| Moltedo J.J.| Quezada R.| Schwarz A.| Rojas O.J.,

2021 Plant Nanomaterials and Inspiration from Nature: Water Interactions and Hierarchically Structured Hydrogels Advanced Materials Orlando Rojas

Ajdary, R.| Tardy, B.L.| Mattos, B.D.| Bai, L.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 Potential virus-mediated nitrogen cycling in oxygen-depleted oceanic waters ISME Journal Steven Hallam

Gazitúa, M.C.| Vik, D.R.| Roux, S.| Gregory, A.C.| Bolduc, B.| Widner, B.| Mulholland, M.R.| Hallam, S.J.| Ulloa, O.| Sullivan, M.B.