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Publication Year Title Journal BPI Author(s) All Authors
2021 Strategies for the synthesis of block copolymers with biodegradable polyester segments Polymer Chemistry Parisa Mehrkhodavandi

Diaz, C.| Mehrkhodavandi, P.

2021 Structural and compositional changes induced by hydrothermal and organosolv pretreatments impacts enzymatic hydrolysis of a tropical forage grass grown under future climate conditions Industrial Crops and Products Jack Saddler

Freitas, E.N.D.| Khatri, V.| Wu, J.| Takada, M.| Scarcella, A.S.D.A.| Martinez, C.A.| Saddler, J.N.| Polizeli, M.D.L.T.M.

2021 Structural and functional analysis of lignostilbene dioxygenases from Sphingobium sp. SYK-6 Journal of Biological Chemistry Lindsay Eltis

Kuatsjah, E.| Chan, A.C.K.| Katahira, R.| Haugen, S.J.| Beckham, G.T.| Murphy, M.E.P.| Eltis, L.D.

2021 Structural Characterization of Pyrrolidine-Including Structure II Clathrate Hydrates Crystal Growth and Design Peter Englezos

Muromachi, S.| Sharifi, H.| Alavi, S.| Ripmeester, J.A.| Englezos, P.

2021 Subcellular coordination of plant cell wall synthesis Developmental Cell Lacey Samuels

Hoffmann, N.| King, S.| Samuels, A.L.| McFarlane, H.E.

2021 Sunroot snack bar: Optimization, characterization, consumer perception, and storage stability assessment Food Science and Nutrition Anubhav Pratap Singh

Abedelmaksoud, T.G.| Smuda, S.S.| Altemimi, A.B.| Mohamed, R.M.| Pratap-Singh, A.| Ali, M.R.

2021 Superelastic and flexible 3D printed waterborne polyurethane/cellulose nanofibrils structures Biomacromolecules Scott Renneckar, Feng Jiang

Chen, Y.| Yu, Z.| Oguzlu, H.| Jiang, J.| Cho, M.| Karaaslan, M.| Renneckar, S.| Jiang, F.

2021 Superelastic, Hygroscopic, and Ionic Conducting Cellulose Nanofibril Monoliths by 3D Printing ACS Nano Feng Jiang

Chen, Y.| Yu, Z.| Ye, Y.| Zhang, Y.| Li, G.| Jiang, F.

2021 Superstructured mesocrystals through multiple inherent molecular interactions for highly reversible sodium ion batteries Science Advances Orlando Rojas

Qiu, X.| Wang, X.| He, Y.| Liang, J.| Liang, K.| Tardy, B.L.| Richardson, J.J.| Hu, M.| Wu, H.| Zhang, Y.| Rojas, O.J.| Manners, I.| Guo, J.

2021 Sustainability and innovation of bamboo winding composite pipe products Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Chunping Dai

Chen, M.| Weng, Y.| Semple, K.| Zhang, S.| Hu, Y.| Jiang, X.| Ma, J.| Fei, B.| Dai, C.

2021 Sustainable biosynthesis of antioxidants from Koji rice fermented with Aspergillus flavus using microwave-assisted extraction Applied Sciences (Switzerland) Anubhav Pratap Singh

Al Rubaiy, H.H.M.| Altemimi, A.| Al Rikabi, A.K.J.| Lakhssassi, N.| Pratap-Singh, A.

2021 Sustainable isolation of nanocellulose from cellulose and lignocellulosic feedstocks: Recent progress and perspectives mSystems Feng Jiang

Jiang, J.| Zhu, Y.| Jiang, F.

2021 Synthesis and evaluation of sensitive coumarin-based fluorogenic substrates for discovery of α-N-acetyl galactosaminidases through droplet-based screening Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Stephen Withers

Chen, H.-M.| Nasseri, S.A.| Rahfeld, P.| Wardman, J.F.| Kohsiek, M.| Withers, S.G.

2021 Tailoring renewable materials via plant biotechnology Biotechnology for Biofuels Scott Renneckar, Shawn Mansfield

de Vries, L.| Guevara-Rozo, S.| Cho, M.J.| Liu, L.-Y.| Renneckar, S.| Mansfield, S.D.

2021 Talc reinforcement of polylactide and biodegradable polyester blends via injection-molding and pilot-scale film extrusion Journal of Applied Polymer Science Orlando Rojas

Helanto, K.| Talja, R.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 Temporal Variation of the Facial Skin Microbiome: A 2-Year Longitudinal Study in Healthy Adults Plastic and reconstructive surgery William Mohn

Hillebrand, G.G.| Dimitriu, P.| Malik, K.| Park, Y.| Qu, D.| Mohn, W.W.| Kong, R.

2021 The cyanobacterium Prochlorococcus has divergent light-harvesting antennae and may have evolved in a low-oxygen ocean Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America Steven Hallam

Ulloa, O.| Henríquez-Castillo, C.| Ramírez-Flandes, S.| Plominsky, A.M.| Murillo, A.A.| Morgan-Lang, C.| Hallam, S.J.| Stepanauskas, R.

2021 The Food–Materials Nexus: Next Generation Bioplastics and Advanced Materials from Agri-Food Residues Advanced Materials Orlando Rojas

Otoni, C.G.| Azeredo, H.M.C.| Mattos, B.D.| Beaumont, M.| Correa, D.S.| Rojas, O.J.

2021 The formation principle of micro-droplets induced by using optical tweezers Nanoscale Advances Hongbin Li

Zhai, C.| Hu, C.| Li, S.| Ma, Y.| Zhang, Y.| Guo, T.| Li, H.| Hu, X.

2021 The impact of rain exposure during loading of wood pellets for ocean shipment: An experimental study Transactions of the ASABE Shahab Sokhansanj

Lee, J.| Sokhansanj, S.| Lau, A.K.| Lim, J.

2021 The Influence of Pineapple Leaf Fiber Orientation and Volume Fraction on Methyl Methacrylate-Based Polymer Matrix for Prosthetic Socket Application Polymers Johan Foster

Gaba, E.W. |  Asimeng, B.O. | Kaufmann, E.E. | Foster, J.E. | Tiburu, E.K. 

2021 The Kwakshua Watersheds Observatory, central coast of British Columbia, Canada Hydrological Processes Steven Hallam

Giesbrecht, I.J.W.| Floyd, W.C.| Tank, S.E.| Lertzman, K.P.| Hunt, B.P.V.| Korver, M.C.| Oliver, A.A.| Brunsting, R.| Sanborn, P.| Gonzalez Arriola, S.G.| Frazer, G.W.| St. Pierre, K.A.| Hateley, S.| McPhail, J.| Owen, C.| Butler, S.| Fedje, B.| Myers, E.| Quayle, L.| Haughton, E.| Desmarais, I.| White, R.| Levy-Booth, D.J.| Kellogg, C.T.E.| Jackson, J.M.| Mohn, W.W.| Hallam, S.J.| Del Bel Belluz, J.

2021 The Mechanical Properties of Neurospheres Advanced Engineering Materials Vikramaditya Yadav, John Frostad

Okwara, C.K.| Vaez Ghaemi, R.| Yu, C.| Le, M.| Yadav, V.G.| Frostad, J.M.

2021 The micro/macro mechanical approach of reinforced braid composite used in tribology Journal of Composite Materials Frank Ko

Zahabi, S.R.| Sheikhzadeh, M.| Shahramforouz, F.| Ko, F.

2021 The occurrence, growth, and biocontrol of Listeria monocytogenes in fresh and surface-ripened soft and semisoft cheeses Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety Siyun Wang

Falardeau, J.| Trmčić, A.| Wang, S.

2021 The physicochemical effect of sugar alcohol plasticisers on oxidised nanocellulose gels and extruded filaments Molecules Emily Cranston

Johns, M.A.| Nigmatullin, R.| Cranston, E.D.| Eichhorn, S.J.

2021 The production of lactic acid from chemi-thermomechanical pulps using a chemo-catalytic approach Bioresource Technology Jack Saddler

Wu, J.| Kim, K.H.| Jeong, K.| Kim, D.| Kim, C.S.| Ha, J.-M.| Chandra, R.P.| Saddler, J.N.

2021 The rectification mechanism in polyelectrolyte gel diodes Physics of Fluids Savvas Hatzikiriakos

Nyamayaro, K.| Triandafilidi, V.| Keyvani, P.| Rottler, J.| Mehrkhodavandi, P.| Hatzikiriakos, S.G.

2021 The yielding of attractive gels of nanocrystal cellulose (CNC) Journal of Rheology Savvas Hatzikiriakos

Danesh, M.| Moud, A.A.| Mauran, D.| Hojabr, S.| Berry, R.| Pawlik, M.| Hatzikiriakos, S.G.

2021 Thermal annealing of iridescent cellulose nanocrystal films Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing Mark MacLachlan

D'Acierno, F.| Ohashi, R.| Hamad, W.Y.| Michal, C.A.| MacLachlan, M.J.