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Publication Year Title Journal BPI Author(s) All Authors
2020 Direct Production of Levulinic Acid in One Pot from Hemp Hurd by Dilute Acid in Ionic Liquids Energy and Fuels Scott Renneckar

Tulaphol, S.| Hossain, M.A.| Rahaman, M.S.| Liu, L.-Y.| Phung, T.K.| Renneckar, S.| Grisdanurak, N.| Sathitsuksanoh, N.

2020 Discerning the effects of phosphate status on the metabolism of hybrid poplar Tree Physiology Shawn Mansfield

Da Ros, L.M.| Soolanayakanahally, R.Y.| Mansfield, S.D.

2020 Discovery of a Fungal Copper Radical Oxidase with High Catalytic Efficiency toward 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural and Benzyl Alcohols for Bioprocessing ACS Catalysis Harry Brumer

Mathieu, Y.| Offen, W.A.| Forget, S.M.| Ciano, L.| Viborg, A.H.| Blagova, E.| Henrissat, B.| Walton, P.H.| Davies, G.J.| Brumer, H.

2020 Diverse roles of the salicylic acid receptors NPR1 and NPR3/ NPR4 in plant immunity Plant Cell Reinhard Jetter

Liu, Y.| Sun, T.| Sun, Y.| Zhang, Y.| Radojičić, A.| Ding, Y.| Tian, H.| Huang, X.| Lan, J.| Chen, S.| Orduna, A.R.| Zhang, K.| Jetter, R.| Li, X.| Zhang, Y.

2020 Dual physically and chemically crosslinked regenerated cellulose – Gelatin composite hydrogels towards art restoration Carbohydrate Polymers Emily Cranston

De France, K.J.| D'Emilio, E.| Cranston, E.D.| Geiger, T.| Nyström, G.

2020 Early Transition Metal-Catalyzed Hydroaminoalkylation Trends in Chemistry Laurel L. Schafer

Man§en, M.| Schafer, L.L.

2020 Effect of calcination/carbonation and oxidation/reduction on attrition of binary solid species in sorption-enhanced chemical looping reforming Fuel Naoko Ellis

Kim, J.Y.| Ellis, N.| Lim, C.J.| Grace, J.R.

2020 Effect of Ionic Surfactants on the Viscoelastic Properties of Chiral Nematic Cellulose Nanocrystal Suspensions Langmuir Savvas Hatzikiriakos

Ranjbar, D.| Hatzikiriakos, S.G.

2020 Effect of particle surface corrugation on colloidal interactions Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Orlando Rojas

Kämäräinen, T.| Tardy, B.L.| Javan Nikkhah, S.| Batys, P.| Sammalkorpi, M.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Effect of Toluene and Hexane Sorption on the Rheology and Interfacial Properties of Lecithin-Based Emulsion Gels Langmuir John Frostad

Safieh, P.| Walls, D.J.| Frostad, J.M.| Marangoni, A.G.| Mirzaee Ghazani, S.| Pensini, E.

2020 Electrically Conductive Thin Films Based on Nanofibrillated Cellulose: Interactions with Water and Applications in Humidity Sensing ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Orlando Rojas

Solin, K.| Borghei, M.| Sel, O.| Orelma, H.| Johansson, L.-S.| Perrot, H.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Electrocatalytic hydrogenation and depolymerization pathways for lignin valorization: Toward mild synthesis of chemicals and fuels from biomass Green Chemistry Kevin J. Smith

Wijaya, Y.P.| Smith, K.J.| Kim, C.S.| Gyenge, E.L.

2020 Elucidation of Changes in Cellulose Ultrastructure and Accessibility in Hardwood Fractionation Processes with Carbohydrate Binding Modules ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Jack Saddler

Novy, V.| Nielsen, F.| Olsson, J.| Aïssa, K.| Saddler, J.N.| Wallberg, O.| Galbe, M.

2020 Emergence of cold plasma and electron beam irradiation as novel technologies to counter mycotoxins in food products World Mycotoxin Journal Anubhav Pratap Singh

Mohammadi, X.| Matinfar, G.| Mousavi Khaneghah, A.| Singh, A.| Pratap-Singh, A.

2020 Engineering Microbes for Remediation of Oil Sands Tailings Trends in Biotechnology Vikramaditya Yadav, Hisham Zerriffi

Chegounian, P.| Zerriffi, H.| Yadav, V.G.

2020 Enhanced Softwood Cellulose Accessibility by H3PO4 Pretreatment: High Sugar Yield without Compromising Lignin Integrity Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research Scott Renneckar

Hossain, A.| Rahaman, M.S.| Lee, D.| Phung, T.K.| Canlas, C.G.| Simmons, B.A.| Renneckar, S.| Reynolds, W.| George, A.| Tulaphol, S.| Sathitsuksanoh, N.

2020 Enhancing cellulose nanofibrillation of eucalyptus Kraft pulp by combining enzymatic and mechanical pretreatments Cellulose Jack Saddler

Cebreiros, F.| Seiler, S.| Dalli, S.S.| Lareo, C.| Saddler, J.

2020 Enhancing Enzyme-Mediated Cellulose Hydrolysis by Incorporating Acid Groups Onto the Lignin During Biomass Pretreatment Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology Scott Renneckar, Jack Saddler

Wu, J.| Chandra, R.P.| Takada, M.| Liu, L.-Y.| Renneckar, S.| Kim, K.H.| Kim, C.S.| Saddler, J.N.

2020 Enhancing Enzyme-Mediated Hydrolysis of Mechanical Pulps by Deacetylation and Delignification ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Jack Saddler

Wu, J.| Chandra, R.P.| Kim, K.H.| Kim, C.S.| Pu, Y.| Ragauskas, A.J.| Saddler, J.N.

2020 Environmental and economic assessment of torrefied wood pellets from British Columbia Energy Conversion and Management Xiaotao Bi

Yun, H.| Clift, R.| Bi, X.

2020 Enzyme-Mediated Lignocellulose Liquefaction Is Highly Substrate-Specific and Influenced by the Substrate Concentration or Rheological Regime Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology Jack Saddler

van der Zwan, T.| Sigg, A.| Hu, J.| Chandra, R.P.| Saddler, J.N.

2020 Erratum: Patience is a virtue: Self-assembly and physico-chemical properties of cellulose nanocrystal allomorphs (Nanoscale (2020) 12 (17480-17493) DOI: 10.1039/d0nr04491a) Nanoscale Emily Cranston

Delepierre, G.| Eyley, S.| Thielemans, W.| Weder, C.| Cranston, E.D.| Zoppe, J.O.

2020 Erratum: Spruce milled wood lignin: Linear, branched or cross-linked? (Green Chem. (2020) 22 (3985-4001) DOI: 10.1039/D0GC00926A) Green Chemistry Orlando Rojas

Balakshin, M.| Capanema, E.A.| Zhu, X.| Sulaeva, I.| Potthast, A.| Rosenau, T.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Ethanol adaptation in foodborne bacterial pathogens Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition Siyun Wang

He, S.| Fong, K.| Wang, S.| Shi, X.

2020 Evaluation of non-traditional visualization methods to detect surface attachment of biofilms Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces John Frostad, Siyun Wang

Bogan, A.L.| Fong, K.| Trmcic, A.| Wang, S.| Frostad, J.M.

2020 Evolution of Hemicellulose Molar Mass during Softwood Hydrolysis ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Mark Martinez, Heather Trajano

Chen, J.| Martinez, D.M.| Chang, X.F.| Beatson, R.P.| Trajano, H.L.

2020 Exogenous hormones influence Brassica napus leaf cuticular wax deposition and cuticle function PeerJ Feng Jiang, Reinhard Jetter

Yuan, Z.| Jiang, Y.| Liu, Y.| Xu, Y.| Li, S.| Guo, Y.| Jetter, R.| Ni, Y.

2020 Experimental study of train sanding Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part F: Journal of Rail and Rapid Transit Sheldon Green

Roberts, J.J.| Green, S.I.

2020 Exploiting electroconvective vortices in electrodialysis with high-frequency asymmetric bipolar pulses for desalination in overlimiting current regimes Desalination Orlando Rojas

Gonzalez-Vogel, A.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Exploiting Supramolecular Interactions from Polymeric Colloids for Strong Anisotropic Adhesion between Solid Surfaces Advanced Materials Orlando Rojas

Tardy, B.L.| Richardson, J.J.| Greca, L.G.| Guo, J.| Ejima, H.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Fabrication and Characterization of Drug-Loaded Conductive Poly(glycerol sebacate)/Nanoparticle-Based Composite Patch for Myocardial Infarction Applications ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Orlando Rojas

Zanjanizadeh Ezazi, N.| Ajdary, R.| Correia, A.| Mäkilä, E.| Salonen, J.| Kemell, M.| Hirvonen, J.| Rojas, O.J.| Ruskoaho, H.J.| Santos, H.A.

2020 Fabrication of cumin loaded-chitosan particles: Characterized by molecular, morphological, thermal, antioxidant and anticancer properties as well as its utilization in food system Food Chemistry Anubhav Pratap Singh

Amiri, A.| Mousakhani-Ganjeh, A.| Amiri, Z.| Guo, Y.-G.| Pratap Singh, A.| Esmaeilzadeh Kenari, R.

2020 Fe-chitosan complexes for oxidative degradation of emerging contaminants in water: Structure, activity, and reaction mechanism Journal of Hazardous Materials Mark MacLachlan

Farinelli, G.| Di Luca, A.| Kaila, V.R.I.| MacLachlan, M.J.| Tiraferri, A.

2020 Flexible and Super Thermal Insulating Cellulose Nanofibril/Emulsion Composite Aerogel with Quasi-Closed Pores ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Feng Jiang

Song, M.| Jiang, J.| Qin, H.| Ren, X.| Jiang, F.

2020 Flexible nanocellulose enhanced Li+ conducting membrane for solid polymer electrolyte Energy Storage Materials Feng Jiang

Qin, H.| Fu, K.| Zhang, Y.| Ye, Y.| Song, M.| Kuang, Y.| Jang, S.-H.| Jiang, F.| Cui, L.

2020 Flexural strength and ductility of moso bamboo Construction and Building Materials Hongbin Li, Chunping Dai

Chen, M.| Ye, L.| Li, H.| Wang, G.| Chen, Q.| Fang, C.| Dai, C.| Fei, B.

2020 Forest dependence is more than forest income: Development of a new index of forest product collection and livelihood resources World Development Hisham Zerriffi

Nerfa, L.| Rhemtulla, J.M.| Zerriffi, H.

2020 Form-stable phase change materials from mesoporous balsa after selective removal of lignin Composites Part B: Engineering Orlando Rojas

Meng, Y.| Majoinen, J.| Zhao, B.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Functional piezoelectric yarn: Toward optimization of zinc oxide nanowires growth Journal of Materials Research Frank Ko

Badawy, D.| Soltanian, S.| Servati, P.| Bahi, A.| Ko, F.

2020 Genetic elucidation of interconnected antibiotic pathways mediating maize innate immunity Nature Plants Joerg Bohlmann

Ding, Y.| Weckwerth, P.R.| Poretsky, E.| Murphy, K.M.| Sims, J.| Saldivar, E.| Christensen, S.A.| Char, S.N.| Yang, B.| Tong, A.-D.| Shen, Z.| Kremling, K.A.| Buckler, E.S.| Kono, T.| Nelson, D.R.| Bohlmann, J.| Bakker, M.G.| Vaughan, M.M.| Khalil, A.S.| Betsiashvili, M.| Dressano, K.| Köllner, T.G.| Briggs, S.P.| Zerbe, P.| Schmelz, E.A.| Huffaker, A.

2020 Genomic selection for resistance to spruce budworm in white spruce and relationships with growth and wood quality traits Evolutionary Applications Joerg Bohlmann

Beaulieu, J.| Nadeau, S.| Ding, C.| Celedon, J.M.| Azaiez, A.| Ritland, C.| Laverdière, J.-P.| Deslauriers, M.| Adams, G.| Fullarton, M.| Bohlmann, J.| Lenz, P.| Bousquet, J.

2020 Genomics and metatranscriptomics of biogeochemical cycling and degradation of lignin-derived aromatic compounds in thermal swamp sediment ISME Journal Lindsay Eltis, William Mohn, Scott Renneckar

Levy-Booth, D.J.| Hashimi, A.| Roccor, R.| Liu, L.-Y.| Renneckar, S.| Eltis, L.D.| Mohn, W.W.