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Publication Year Title Journal BPI Author(s) All Authors
2020 Enhanced Softwood Cellulose Accessibility by H3PO4 Pretreatment: High Sugar Yield without Compromising Lignin Integrity Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research Scott Renneckar

Hossain, A.| Rahaman, M.S.| Lee, D.| Phung, T.K.| Canlas, C.G.| Simmons, B.A.| Renneckar, S.| Reynolds, W.| George, A.| Tulaphol, S.| Sathitsuksanoh, N.

2020 Enhancing cellulose nanofibrillation of eucalyptus Kraft pulp by combining enzymatic and mechanical pretreatments Cellulose Jack Saddler

Cebreiros, F.| Seiler, S.| Dalli, S.S.| Lareo, C.| Saddler, J.

2020 Enhancing Enzyme-Mediated Cellulose Hydrolysis by Incorporating Acid Groups Onto the Lignin During Biomass Pretreatment Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology Scott Renneckar, Jack Saddler

Wu, J.| Chandra, R.P.| Takada, M.| Liu, L.-Y.| Renneckar, S.| Kim, K.H.| Kim, C.S.| Saddler, J.N.

2020 Enhancing Enzyme-Mediated Hydrolysis of Mechanical Pulps by Deacetylation and Delignification ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Jack Saddler

Wu, J.| Chandra, R.P.| Kim, K.H.| Kim, C.S.| Pu, Y.| Ragauskas, A.J.| Saddler, J.N.

2020 Environmental and economic assessment of torrefied wood pellets from British Columbia Energy Conversion and Management Xiaotao Bi

Yun, H.| Clift, R.| Bi, X.

2020 Enzyme-Mediated Lignocellulose Liquefaction Is Highly Substrate-Specific and Influenced by the Substrate Concentration or Rheological Regime Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology Jack Saddler

van der Zwan, T.| Sigg, A.| Hu, J.| Chandra, R.P.| Saddler, J.N.

2020 Erratum: Patience is a virtue: Self-assembly and physico-chemical properties of cellulose nanocrystal allomorphs (Nanoscale (2020) 12 (17480-17493) DOI: 10.1039/d0nr04491a) Nanoscale Emily Cranston

Delepierre, G.| Eyley, S.| Thielemans, W.| Weder, C.| Cranston, E.D.| Zoppe, J.O.

2020 Erratum: Spruce milled wood lignin: Linear, branched or cross-linked? (Green Chem. (2020) 22 (3985-4001) DOI: 10.1039/D0GC00926A) Green Chemistry Orlando Rojas

Balakshin, M.| Capanema, E.A.| Zhu, X.| Sulaeva, I.| Potthast, A.| Rosenau, T.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Evaluation of non-traditional visualization methods to detect surface attachment of biofilms Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces John Frostad, Siyun Wang

Bogan, A.L.| Fong, K.| Trmcic, A.| Wang, S.| Frostad, J.M.

2020 Evolution of Hemicellulose Molar Mass during Softwood Hydrolysis ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Mark Martinez, Heather Trajano

Chen, J.| Martinez, D.M.| Chang, X.F.| Beatson, R.P.| Trajano, H.L.

2020 Exogenous hormones influence Brassica napus leaf cuticular wax deposition and cuticle function PeerJ Feng Jiang, Reinhard Jetter

Yuan, Z.| Jiang, Y.| Liu, Y.| Xu, Y.| Li, S.| Guo, Y.| Jetter, R.| Ni, Y.

2020 Exploiting electroconvective vortices in electrodialysis with high-frequency asymmetric bipolar pulses for desalination in overlimiting current regimes Desalination Orlando Rojas

Gonzalez-Vogel, A.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Exploiting Supramolecular Interactions from Polymeric Colloids for Strong Anisotropic Adhesion between Solid Surfaces Advanced Materials Orlando Rojas

Tardy, B.L.| Richardson, J.J.| Greca, L.G.| Guo, J.| Ejima, H.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Fabrication and Characterization of Drug-Loaded Conductive Poly(glycerol sebacate)/Nanoparticle-Based Composite Patch for Myocardial Infarction Applications ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Orlando Rojas

Zanjanizadeh Ezazi, N.| Ajdary, R.| Correia, A.| Mäkilä, E.| Salonen, J.| Kemell, M.| Hirvonen, J.| Rojas, O.J.| Ruskoaho, H.J.| Santos, H.A.

2020 Fabrication of cumin loaded-chitosan particles: Characterized by molecular, morphological, thermal, antioxidant and anticancer properties as well as its utilization in food system Food Chemistry Anubhav Pratap Singh

Amiri, A.| Mousakhani-Ganjeh, A.| Amiri, Z.| Guo, Y.-G.| Pratap Singh, A.| Esmaeilzadeh Kenari, R.

2020 Fe-chitosan complexes for oxidative degradation of emerging contaminants in water: Structure, activity, and reaction mechanism Journal of Hazardous Materials Mark MacLachlan

Farinelli, G.| Di Luca, A.| Kaila, V.R.I.| MacLachlan, M.J.| Tiraferri, A.

2020 Flexible and Super Thermal Insulating Cellulose Nanofibril/Emulsion Composite Aerogel with Quasi-Closed Pores ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Feng Jiang

Song, M.| Jiang, J.| Qin, H.| Ren, X.| Jiang, F.

2020 Flexible nanocellulose enhanced Li+ conducting membrane for solid polymer electrolyte Energy Storage Materials Feng Jiang

Qin, H.| Fu, K.| Zhang, Y.| Ye, Y.| Song, M.| Kuang, Y.| Jang, S.-H.| Jiang, F.| Cui, L.

2020 Flexural strength and ductility of moso bamboo Construction and Building Materials Hongbin Li, Chunping Dai

Chen, M.| Ye, L.| Li, H.| Wang, G.| Chen, Q.| Fang, C.| Dai, C.| Fei, B.

2020 Forest dependence is more than forest income: Development of a new index of forest product collection and livelihood resources World Development Hisham Zerriffi

Nerfa, L.| Rhemtulla, J.M.| Zerriffi, H.

2020 Form-stable phase change materials from mesoporous balsa after selective removal of lignin Composites Part B: Engineering Orlando Rojas

Meng, Y.| Majoinen, J.| Zhao, B.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Functional piezoelectric yarn: Toward optimization of zinc oxide nanowires growth Journal of Materials Research Frank Ko

Badawy, D.| Soltanian, S.| Servati, P.| Bahi, A.| Ko, F.

2020 Genetic elucidation of interconnected antibiotic pathways mediating maize innate immunity Nature Plants Joerg Bohlmann

Ding, Y.| Weckwerth, P.R.| Poretsky, E.| Murphy, K.M.| Sims, J.| Saldivar, E.| Christensen, S.A.| Char, S.N.| Yang, B.| Tong, A.-D.| Shen, Z.| Kremling, K.A.| Buckler, E.S.| Kono, T.| Nelson, D.R.| Bohlmann, J.| Bakker, M.G.| Vaughan, M.M.| Khalil, A.S.| Betsiashvili, M.| Dressano, K.| Köllner, T.G.| Briggs, S.P.| Zerbe, P.| Schmelz, E.A.| Huffaker, A.

2020 Genomic selection for resistance to spruce budworm in white spruce and relationships with growth and wood quality traits Evolutionary Applications Joerg Bohlmann

Beaulieu, J.| Nadeau, S.| Ding, C.| Celedon, J.M.| Azaiez, A.| Ritland, C.| Laverdière, J.-P.| Deslauriers, M.| Adams, G.| Fullarton, M.| Bohlmann, J.| Lenz, P.| Bousquet, J.

2020 Genomics and metatranscriptomics of biogeochemical cycling and degradation of lignin-derived aromatic compounds in thermal swamp sediment ISME Journal Lindsay Eltis, William Mohn, Scott Renneckar

Levy-Booth, D.J.| Hashimi, A.| Roccor, R.| Liu, L.-Y.| Renneckar, S.| Eltis, L.D.| Mohn, W.W.

2020 Greenhouse gas emission reduction potential and cost of bioenergy in British Columbia, Canada Energy Policy Xiaotao Bi

Wang, H.| Zhang, S.| Bi, X.| Clift, R.

2020 Guiding bacterial activity for biofabrication of complex materials via controlled wetting of superhydrophobic surfaces ACS Nano Orlando Rojas

Greca, L.G.| Rafiee, M.| Karakoç, A.| Lehtonen, J.| Mattos, B.D.| Tardy, B.L.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 Gymnosperm glandular trichomes: expanded dimensions of the conifer terpenoid defense system Scientific Reports Joerg Bohlmann

Celedon, J.M.| Whitehill, J.G.A.| Madilao, L.L.| Bohlmann, J.

2020 Heats of wetting and sorption for wood pellets Biomass and Bioenergy Shahab Sokhansanj

Lee, J.S.| Sokhansanj, S.| Lau, A.K.| Lim, C.J.

2020 High Internal Phase Oil-in-Water Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Chitin Nanofibrils: 3D Structuring and Solid Foam ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces Orlando Rojas

Zhu, Y.| Huan, S.| Bai, L.| Ketola, A.| Shi, X.| Zhang, X.| Ketoja, J.A.| Rojas, O.J.

2020 High performance electrospun carbon nanofiber mats derived from flax lignin Industrial Crops and Products Shawn Mansfield, Scott Renneckar

Cho, M.| Ji, L.| Liu, L.-Y.| M. Johnson, A.| Potter, S.| Mansfield, S.D.| Renneckar, S.

2020 High Production Yield and More Thermally Stable Lignin-Containing Cellulose Nanocrystals Isolated Using a Ternary Acidic Deep Eutectic Solvent ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Feng Jiang, Jack Saddler

Jiang, J.| Carrillo-Enríquez, N.C.| Oguzlu, H.| Han, X.| Bi, R.| Song, M.| Saddler, J.N.| Sun, R.-C.| Jiang, F.

2020 High-Performance, Scalable Wood-Based Filtration Device with a Reversed-Tree Design Chemistry of Materials Feng Jiang

He, S.| Chen, C.| Chen, G.| Chen, F.| Dai, J.| Song, J.| Jiang, F.| Jia, C.| Xie, H.| Yao, Y.| Hitz, E.| Chen, G.| Mi, R.| Jiao, M.| Das, S.| Hu, L.

2020 High-Throughput Generation of Product Profiles for Arabinoxylan-Active Enzymes from Metagenomes Applied and Environmental Microbiology Stephen Withers

Maurício da Fonseca, M.J.| Armstrong, Z.| Withers, S.G.| Briers, Y.

2020 Host–Guest Chemistry Within Cellulose Nanocrystal Gel Receptors Angewandte Chemie - International Edition Mark MacLachlan

Zhang, D.| Soto, M.A.| Lewis, L.| Hamad, W.Y.| MacLachlan, M.J.

2020 Hybrid optimization-simulation for integrated planning of bioenergy and biofuel supply chains Applied Energy Taraneh Sowlati

Akhtari, S.| Sowlati, T.

2020 Hydroxyacetophenone defenses in white spruce against spruce budworm Evolutionary Applications Joerg Bohlmann

Parent, G.J.| Méndez-Espinoza, C.| Giguère, I.| Mageroy, M.H.| Charest, M.| Bauce, É.| Bohlmann, J.| MacKay, J.J.

2020 Hygroscopic swelling of moso bamboo cells Cellulose Chunping Dai

Chen, Q.| Fang, C.| Wang, G.| Ma, X.| Chen, M.| Zhang, S.| Dai, C.| Fei, B.

2020 Impact of carbon pricing policies on the cost and emission of the biomass supply chain: Optimization models and a case study Applied Energy Taraneh Sowlati

Malladi, K.T.| Sowlati, T.

2020 In-situ investigation of deformation behaviors of moso bamboo cells pertaining to flexural ductility Cellulose Chunping Dai

Chen, M.| Ye, L.| Wang, G.| Ma, X.| Chen, Q.| Fang, C.| Fei, B.| Dai, C.

2020 Incorporating risk in multi-criteria decision making: The case study of biofuel production from construction and demolition wood waste Resources, Conservation and Recycling Taraneh Sowlati

Akhtari, S.| Malladi, K.T.| Sowlati, T.| Mirza, F.