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Anubhav Pratap Singh

Assistant Professor
Food Safety Engineering
Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Anubhav and his team have been developing various novel physical processes and novel technologies for obtaining sustainable improvements in food quality and nutrition. Novel thermal processing technologies like agitation and reciprocating agitation processing, extrusion and HTST/UHT processing; and non-thermal processing technologies like pulsed light, high-pressure processing, microwave-vacuum dehydration, ultrasonication, cold plasma etc. are some of the technologies that Anubhav and his team specializes on. Their team expertises in studying the effect of above parameters on various physicochemical properties using water activity meter, texture analyzer, colorimeter, rheometer, particle size analyzer (DLS), DSC and TGA; phenolic, antioxidant and other nutraceutical assays using spectrometry and chromatography; iron and zinc analysis using ICP-OES and atomic adsorption spectrometry (AAS); gastro-intestinal, buccal, sublingual and lung delivery of nutrients using cell-culture studies; and other analysis such as storage and sensory studies. Anubhav and his research group work with various BC-based plant-based food processors, berry growers and processors, and nanotechnology-based companies in his role as the Endowed Professor in Food & Beverage Innovation, and is currently leading the academic planning for the UBC Food and Beverage Innovation Centre.