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Advanced Thermochemical and Biochemical Biowaste to Resource Recovery Technologies for Circular Economy


November 19th Friday 3PM-4PM PST


CHBE Room 202, 2360 East Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3 (Sorry no Zoom link, In-person Only)


Join us to learn about the potential of converting municipal and industrial biowaste to high value bioproducts! Prof. Cigdem Eskicioglu, Leader of the UBC Bioreactor Technology Group at UBC Okanagan, will highlight her innovative research on biomass conversion, and recovery and utilization. 

Refreshments will be provided.


Increasingly, global energy concerns bring renewable energy sources to the forefront. Among renewable energy sources, the development of energy efficient biomass-to-biofuel processes can replace fossil fuel use and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment residuals (waste sludge) contain significant unutilized energy potential. When landfilled, waste sludge can decompose in an uncontrolled environment and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. In the last 13 years, research at UBC’s Bioreactor Technology Group has focused on several topics that support the group’s long-term vision of advancing waste treatment processes for efficient contaminant removal, bioenergy conversion, and resource recovery. This presentation will highlight progress and key outcomes from three ongoing research programs; 1) hydrothermal liquefaction of municipal waste for biocrude, hydrochar and nutrient recovery; 2) using conductive material (biochar, wood ash) to enhance biogas production from organic waste in bioreactors; and 3) lab- and field-scale biodegradability assessment of biocomposite consumer products.

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