Unlocking Nature for Sustainable Solutions

The BioProducts Institute is changing the way our society collaborates with nature for a sustainable and renewable future. Bringing together state of the art research and resources in a unique innovative ecosystem, our aim is to unlock the power of nature to make a positive impact on all sectors from transportation to building to healthcare. Collaborate with us today and accelerate positive change!

News & Events

  • Biodegradable Medical Mask
    A group of researchers in the BioProducts Institute led by Prof. Orlando Rojas and Prof. Johan Foster have stepped up to the challenge, designing what could be the very first N95 mask that can be sourced and […]
  • Webinar: Future of Nanomaterials from Biomas
    Recent advances in the utilization of nanomaterials derived from biomas, and fundamental nanotechnologies for the future of our bioeconomy. 
  • The 13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials
    UBC’s BioProducts Institute is pleased to partner with and participate in the 13th International Conference on Bio-based Materials, which will be held online this year on 12-14 May 2020.