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Drs. Rojas and Foster present at RCBC 2021 CIRCULAR ECONOMY CONFERENCE on June 10th


RCBC 2021 is a two-day virtual conference that brings together government, business, and non-profit sectors to explore waste reduction initiatives, the circular economy, and the new 3R’s on everyone’s minds these days: REFOCUS. RESTART. RENEW. Dr. Rojas and Dr. Foster will be speakers for the session of The COVID Imperative – Innovations in Waste Reduction on June 10th. 

Sessions will feature the following topics:

  • Compostable Plastics - Get The Facts!
  • At Long Last – Is A Mattress EPR Program Coming?
  • How Reuse Can Flourish Amidst Contagion Fear
  • When the Public Loses Faith – Recycling Reputation Management
  • Making It Work - Northern Innovations in Waste Reduction
  • Can Plastics Really Be Part Of The Circular Economy?
  • Keynote Speaker - Leanne Kemp, CEO, Everledger

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