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Learn about Glycomaterials at this inaugural summer school program by GlycoMIP

Glycomaterials are natural materials containing or comprising carbohydrates. Understanding the relationships between their molecular structure and biological function promises to catalyze critical advances in human health and the environmental impact of society. GlycoMIP, a new National Science Foundation (NSF) Materials Innovation Platform (MIP), aims to accelerate glycomaterials science and innovation through leading-edge research, expert education and training activities, and a national user facility, offering unique services and capabilities.

GlycoMIP’s inaugural Summer School will cover fundamental and applied concepts specific to the research and service areas of the MIP:

  • Glycomaterials – introduction and overview of the current state of the science
  • GlycoMIP – Synthesis: Overview of glycan synthesis and introduction to GlycoMIP’s automated glycan synthesizers, provided by GlycoUniverse
  • GlycoMIP – Analytical: Overview of mass spectrometry, NMR, surface characterization, binding assays, rheology and optical spectroscopy applied to glycomaterials
  • GlycoMIP – Modeling: Computational methods and capabilities for glycomaterials

Summer School 2021 will employ synchronous learning via Zoom, with two topics covered daily.  Instruction will be organized into two, two-hour sessions each day, with an extended break between morning and afternoon sessions.  Day Five will meet once, in the morning only.  Q&A time will follow each lecture, and panel discussions on the last day will offer additional time for questions and discussion.

Upon completion, participants will better understand the science of glycomaterials and the focus of research and user services of GlycoMIP in its three focus areas; Synthesis, Analytical, and Modeling.  There is no charge for Summer School 2021, though registration is required.

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