BiRNet Leadership

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BiRNet Scientific Director (SD)Dr. Mark MacLachlan will lead the Research Management Committee and be responsible for the Research Portfolio of the Network. Mark is Professor of Chemistry and Tier 1 CRC in Supramolecular Materials at UBC, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Science, and Interim Dean of Science. His research spans supramolecular chemistry, nanomaterials, mesoporous materials, photonic structures, and biopolymers. His most notable contributions have been in cellulose nanocrystals, where he has used them as templates for new photonic materials (Nature, 2010). He has graduated 15 PhDs and nine MScs and worked with over 22 post-docs and 100 undergraduates, visiting students, and scientists. Mark has published 174 peer-reviewed papers, holds three US patents, and has given 200 invited presentations around the world. He has received the Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers, E.W.R. Steacie Memorial Fellowship, JSPS Invitational Fellowship for Research in Japan, Rutherford Medal of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC), Steacie Prize, and Award for Excellence in Materials Chemistry of the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC). He is a Fellow of the RSC and the Royal Society of Chemistry (UK), and Visiting Research Professor of Kanazawa University (Japan). Mark is also the Director of the NSERC CREATE Training Program in Nanomaterials Science & Technology (NanoMat). He served on the NSERC Scholarships & Fellowships Selection Committee and is on the Technical Advisory Board for BCResearch.

BiRNet Co-Scientific Director (CSD) – Dr. Warren Mabee will lead the KTEE Committee and be responsible for Innovation Deployment from the Network. Warren is Professor and Head of the Department of Geography and Planning at Queen’s University. He is also the Director of Queen’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy and holds a Tier 2 CRC in Renewable Energy Development and Implementation. His research takes place at the intersection of technology and policy with specific focus on renewable bio-based materials and bioenergy. Notable contributions include policy recommendations related to the roll-out of renewable material and energy products to help meet Canada’s carbon challenge. Warren has graduated seven PhDs and 20 Masters students, and supervised 10 post-docs and over 50 undergraduates. Warren has published 105 peer-reviewed papers and given over 300 invited presentations to universities, govern-ments, communities, and conferences around the world. He previously served as Theme Lead (2013-16) and Associate SD (2016-17) of BioFuelNet, an NCE focused on biorefining and energy products.

BiRNet Executive Director (ED) – Alexandra Stuthridge (Interim) will be responsible for Network Management including day-to-day operations, project management, business development, and intellectual property. Alexandra is currently the Technical Business Manager of the BioProducts Institute (BPI), a globally-leading research cluster at UBC focused on advanced bio-based materials and chemicals. Alexandra has significant experience – both in Canada and New Zealand – in general program management, project management and in overseeing the development, implementation and commercialization of scientific technologies, research projects and programs across multi-disciplinary teams in the forest sector and indigenous communities areas. Alex has spent most of her career working in primary (forest and wood), science and IT industries. Alexandra also has direct experience in working for and delivering projects with Canada’s and New Zealand’s First Nations stakeholders, leading and facilitating key strategies, proposals and team development.