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The Bio-Products Institute is a catalyst for innovation: a world-leading network to connect with you relevant fundamental and applied expertise and resources to advance your objectives in the bio-economy. BPI researchers engage with industry players, NGO’s and public sector organizations at the regional and international level. Our extensive network spans the full bio-economy value chain, and is rooted in a strong connection to the Canadian forestry sector.


By being a hub of knowledge transfer and networking between researchers, industry and customers, the BPI delivers value in multiple ways.

 The Value:

  • Translating knowledge and technology into regional jobs, skills, economic prosperity, and community vitality
  • Quantifying, validating and certifying the economic, social and environmental benefits of integrating the production of bioenergy, chemicals and materials
  • Demonstrating the socio-economic and environmental benefit of forest bio-economy technologies and product platforms
  • Attracting, incubating and growing new technology partners
  • Leveraging university and institute research centres in support of bio-economy research and education


We invite you to leverage our top-calibre researchers and infrastructure by pooling our knowledge, expertise and experience. There are many ways to engage. Partnerships range from shorter-term opportunities, such a fourth year engineering Capstone projects,  to long-term collaborative research programs to develop new technologies or policy frameworks.


BPI researchers apply a few principles in their engagements with you:

  • We want to fully understand your needs and be pro-active in matching these needs with our research and education agenda. We spend time to understand your specific requirements and will be clear on our ability to deliver.
  • We aim to identify the best researcher for your question. Whether we find this researcher at UBC, at FPInnovations, or at one of our other research partners, our mission is to advance research and get your problem solved.
  • We take a collaborative approach to contracts and intellectual property. Our primary objective is to maximize the impact on society. There are no restrictions on intellectual property terms.
  • We want to optimize your investment and actively find ways to multiply your research dollars: whether by forming a consortium or by leveraging public funding sources. Your funding goes directly to supporting students and associates, equipment and research infrastructure.
  • As a university we continuously want to learn about the world. That includes learning about how we can better work with you.