About BPI

UBC BioProducts Institute (BPI) research cluster builds on many years of research effort and capital investments, undertaken at UBC and its research partners, to discover the building blocks and viable pathways, from renewable and sustainable biomass to our society’s future bio-based materials, chemicals and fuels.

BPI research cluster research, centres around five theme areas:

  • Biomass feedstock and processing
  • Advance bio-composite materials
  • Functionalization of biomass-sourced small molecules
  • Biochemicals, Bioenergy and Biofuels
  • Policy and Management

Our Vision

The UBC BioProducts Institute develops science and know-how to deliver bio-based solutions for a sustainable circular bioeconomy.

Our Mission

An international research organization that brings together universities and colleges, industry, and governments to provide a world-class demonstration facility in British Columbia:

  • transform Canada’s sustainable bio-based resources from forestry and agriculture
  • address the critical technical and social license barriers to bio-economy success
  • create the next generation of bio-economy leaders through leading-edge educational programs
  • de-risk innovative and impactful bio-product processes, outputs and markets

The application of emerging biocatalysts, supplemented with world-leading catalytic polymer chemistry, provides the potential to create molecular engineered and functionalized nano-, fibre and polymeric composite materials at the global vanguard of science that will revolutionize products we use in our daily lives from biomedicine to transportation.

Collaborators and Partners in Development

Developing and nurturing BPI’s relationships with its partners, industry and key stakeholders is imperative to ensure that BPI effectively participates in the global bioecononomy. BPI has a number of national and international initiatives underway, two current major initiatives are:

 As part of its national strategy, BPI is expanding its national research collaborators by leading the establishment of BioInnovative Renewables Network (BiRNet), to advance the national research agenda for the bioeconomy focused on advanced high-value biobased materials and chemicals.


BC Pulp and Paper BioProducts Alliance. A formal partnership between BPI and FPInnovations—the world’s largest non-for-profit forest sector innovation and commercialization organization—the Alliance champions innovation of advanced bio-based materials and bio-products for the British Columbian pulp and paper industry.