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Innovate BC Ignite Award Winner: UBC + Performance Biofilaments
Forestry/Biocomposites: Dr. Jack Saddler, UBC, is working with Performance Biofilaments to incorporate nanocellulose products derived from wood pulp into high-tech, lightweight, composite thermoplastics for the automotive manufacturing and sporting goods markets. The pursuit of these non-traditional applications of wood cellulose will establish new markets and push the development of exceptional, new nanocellulose materials at commercially viable prices, while reducing the amount of plastics used around the world. Innovate BC’s Ignite provides funding to accelerate the commercialization of new technologies and innovations in the natural resources and applied sciences sectors in British Columbia. The program provides awards of up to $300,000 to consortia that are conducting research projects that address a significant demonstrated problem faced by industry and will commercialize a proposed innovation within a 3-year timeframe. Watch video here –
Network Focuses on Bio-Innovation to Drive Revolution

Canada is on the cusp of a bioeconomic revolution. With its foundation of expansive forests and agricultural land, Canada is poised to unlock the value of its bio-based resources potential. While estimates suggest that Canada currently exploits only 5% of its bio-based potential, this percentage stands to explode upwards in the next 30 years, as more of our chemicals and materials come from biomass…read more