7th International Colloquium on Eucalyptus Pulp

Dr. Richard Chandra, Research Associate at UBC’s Wood Science, Forestry, had the opportunity to make a keynote presentation for the 7th International Colloquium on Eucalyptus Pulp (ICEP) that was held in Vittoria ES, Brazil this past May 29th. The conference was amazing featuring the “state of the art” in pulp and paper research, and most of the current “key figures” working in pulp and paper research including Dr. Jorge Colledette (Brazil), Dr. Hassan Jameel, (USA), Dr. Honghi Tran (Canada) and Dr. Gopal Goyal from International Paper (USA). The Colloquium also had significant industrial support with close to 40 industrial sponsors who all attended the informative conference sessions and showed great interest in the thriving pulp and paper research of both an applied and fundamental nature, particularly focused on Eucalyptus wood being conducted in Brazil. To learn more about ICEP, please visit www.7thicep.com.br/

The title of Richard’s presentation was “Pretreatment, can we achieve effective hydrolysis of hard-
woods (poplar/eucalyptus) without removing lignin?” and was co-authored by Dr. Jack Saddler, and was extremely well received as Richard described the potential conversion of some of Canada’s currently shutdown mechanical pulping capacity for the production of pulp and sugars for biofuels, biochemical and biomaterials.