Call for Abstracts – ICBB2015


Following the successful ICBB2013 Conference in Xiamen, China, the 5th International Conference on Biorefinery (ICBB2015) will be held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, in August 2015. The conference will consist of plenary lectures, oral presentations and poster sessions. Topics to be covered include bioenergy, bio-based materials and chemicals, integration and integrated assessment of biorefinery technologies and processes.

Scholars and experts from academia, governments and industries are invited to participate in this conference by submitting a one-page abstract for the consideration of oral or poster presentations at the conference by the deadline of March 31, 2015. Those whose presentations are selected will be encouraged to submit an extended abstract online by July 1, 2015. Please check out the conference website for more information.

A summary of topics will include, but not be limited to:

– Energy crops
– Microalgae
– Forest and agriculture residues
– Marine biomass

– Biomass conditioning
– Pulping
– Thermal-mechanical treatment
– Thermal-chemical treatment
– Biological treatment

Conversion technologies
– Hydrolysis
– Pyrolysis
– Gasification
– Catalytic and non-catalytic (thermo-)chemical conversion
– Biochemical conversion and fermentation

Bio-based materials and chemicals
– Bio-based materials
– Platform chemicals
– High value bioproducts

Synthetic biology and platform technologies
– Synthetic biology
– Extraction, separation and purification technologies
– Design of bioreactors and photobioreactors
– Process control engineering

Integrated assessments and evaluation
– Political evaluation
– Economic evaluation
– Environmental evaluation


ICBB2015 Organizing Committee

Anna Jamroz
Communications Coordinator
Pulp and Paper Centre
The University of British ColumbiaTel: 604-827-2117